Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Good Password Manager you haven't heard about

Loud and clear: I used to hate password managers. Could not imagine I’d voluntarily buy one even before I’ve used the limit of free account - and advice you to use it with no interest whatsoever.

I used to think my memory works fine and paying someone to keep my sensitive data…no way, it’s not secure.

...It started with an advice repeated to me couple of times by my husband. With a lection on how password management technology works. For me it is still the matter of trust and the matter of reputation of software developer.

I would trust Norton, Agnitum, McAffee (though with caution), and I do trust Kaspersky. You might dislike Russian, but in IT being a Russian company has a huge benefit: Russia has the greatest coders. They are massively hired to Microsoft and Google HQs, brought abroad, booked since their university years.

So, I had a recommendation to keep in mind and a brand I trust.
The other thing happened quite instantly. It took me just 3 weeks to realize that I forget the passwords for my internet banks after 1 or 2 operations. So I have to go through painful reset process.
The moment it came to my mind – I’ve installed the free version, to keep nothing serious (credentials for internet-stores mainly) and to test the concept. Free version can store 15 passwords and one set of Identities and you can find it here

Covers as many laptops as I need, both PC and Mac, you can also get apps for iOS and Android. I never needed the mobile apps for that as I tend to make important transactions from laptop only either from home or work, or through my work VPN. Fishing is new plague.

Setting thing up needs some patience, but - and I will say that over and over again – good usability and good security are south and north poleYou can’t be on both simultaneously, so have some patience: you’ll need to set up My Kaspersky account, and a password to unlock your password vault.
They should be different. Account is needed to store your passwords' base in the cloud, and you’d need this password each time you want to use your password manager on new device.
Second password is to unlock the vault. It shall be a good password, and DO NOT FORGET IT as there is absolutely no way to reset it with or without the Support. If you forget it, you'll load the base but won't be able to decipher. 
The same goes if someone steals your computer and your base of passwords.

The functions I was able to test:
  1. Auto-filling login and password fields for stored accounts
  2. Detecting and saving new credentials
  3. Password generation. You can define strength and custom parameters.
  4. One-button manual copy and paste for password and login.
  5. PII storage
  6. Auto-removing copied passwords and PII from cache to exclude accidental insertion
  7. Add-ins for IE, FF, Chrome
  8. Password strength review – you can see whether the account has a strong password

I’ve purchased the paid version when I used 13 of 15 free accounts, so you would imagine how I liked the product. And here the fact that the software developer is Russian with their low labor cost is for your benefit again: the price for one year for the US is $14.99/year
I took some time to search and compare -  the closest equivalent by functionality worth $39/year.


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Overview of task manager "Planner"

The thing I want to highlight for you today is quite unusual. It is a service, and it is a part of a paid service.
Thing to keep in mind though is you might already have the subscription of this service assigned to you by your school or employee, it is Office 365, quite a common stuff.
And the service is called Planner, and I was a bit surprised to discover it.

It is a task manager, simple to use, very visual, synced with mail and calendar. It allows you to assign tasks to your peers and track what is done.
Will be equally good for school project, private task manager and as an alternative to the paper notes. Given it is not a freeware but a part of a paid service – the quality is quite high.

If you are interested enough to spend 5 minutes on learning what the beast is – pls check the video below.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Sorry for the second post in a row about ABBYY. Just feel like it today. And - don't worry, though I write about these guys a lot, I don't recieve any comission. They just don't do it.

Do you travel a lot?
On my honeymoon in Roma I've been beta-testing one interesting application - ABBYY FotoTranslate. You install it on your phone, then, walking somewhere in the city, see some inscription you need to translate. Take a picture of it on your phone's camera.
Guess what happens next? FotoTranslate recognizes the text and translate it. Solution for lazy people - but who's not lazy ))

Advice: best results with good camera, horisontal text, on contrasting background.
The application supports 8 popular European languages (English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian) and translates words in 30 directions in total.

5,99 Euro
More info

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

ABBYY Business Card Reader 2.0 for the iPhone

It's simple. You take a photo of business card - and within a second it's in your contacts. All fields recognised. Nice time-saver for a given price.
Becides, I've tried it on my phone - it looks cool and always raise interest around. ;)

The application automatically transfers contact data (names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.) from business cards directly to the iPhone address book by using the device’s camera and its own text recognition technology.
The program also transfers a postal code, city and country to the designated fields of the address book making the data suitable for further use in search applications and other contact management systems. With the newly added support for Greek, Business Card Reader processes text in 17 languages including multilingual business cards.

Key Features and Benefits
  • No additional equipment required. All you need is an iPhone with a built-in camera, such as the iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3G with close-up lens.
  • Fast and easy way to add new contacts. All contact information from a business card can be captured in three simple steps.
  • High quality data capture and processing. The application uses ABBYY’s award-winning Mobile OCR technology, which quickly and accurately “reads” printed text on images captured with a mobile camera.
  • Automatic detection of different data types on business cards. The application intelligently locates different types of contact information on a business card, such as Name, Company/Organization, Job Title, Telephone Numbers (Office, Mobile, Fax), E-mail, and Website.
  • Easy-to-use intuitive interface allows you to start using the application right away.
As for the price - it's $9.99
product page

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Brain evolution

If you are gamer by nature, but dislike the idea of wasting time - I have a game for you. I've spent 3 month playing it almost daily and it does makes me... maybe not smarter, but improves memory, calculation - and generally, I feel very positive impact.

This application is for mobile and consists of 12 excersizes. Some of them locket at the beginning and opens as you make progress. Here is video that shows how it looks.
I imagine I did not impress you (when my friend said that al his family plays it now I was not impressed) - but try it.

You can find this game on site or check mobile store from your phone, they might have better price.

My today's Brain Power is 865, not brillian but not bad =) Beat me

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Exchange Server 2010 Free Download

Exchange 2010 is the first product to be introduced as part of the next wave of Microsoft Office-related products. The next wave, which includes Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, Microsoft Visio 2010 and Microsoft Project 2010, is designed to give people a consistent experience across devices, making it easier to create and edit documents and collaborate from any location. In addition, to help businesses reduce costs, the next wave will introduce new delivery and licensing models, improve deployment and management options for IT professionals, and provide developers with an expanded platform on which to create applications.
“The line between home and work has blurred, and people want more choice and flexibility in how, where and when they work,” said Chris Capossela, senior vice president of the Information Worker Product Management Group at Microsoft. “With the next wave of Microsoft Office-related products, people will be more productive across the PC, phone and browser, IT professionals can choose to deploy and manage servers on-premises or from the cloud, and developers get more opportunities to build innovative solutions and grow their business.”

Exchange Server 2010 Free Download

The downloadable software is for evaluation purposes only and is not a released product. If you plan to install the software on your primary computer, it is recommended that you back up your existing data prior to installation. Expiration NoticeThis time-limited, free beta version of Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010 will end 360 days after installation.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

OCR for iPhone Developers

ABBYY’s OCR technology automatically transforms images of text and documents captured with a camera into editable and searchable text, eliminating the need to input information manually. For example, using a camera phone with an OCR application, business cards, clippings from magazines, books, receipts, ads and other documents can be captured and automatically converted into text, which may then be edited, stored or sent via email or SMS. It can also be used in other mobile and PC applications including notepads, calendars and so on.

“iPhone’s developer community has been growing very rapidly and there are tens of thousands of applications available for this platform worldwide today,” said Katya Solntseva, director of mobile products department at ABBYY. “In order to be competitive, application developers need new, unique features which are truly useful for a broad audience. With ABBYY’s Mobile OCR Engine SDK, developers can create solutions ranging from simple business card reading applications that automatically store the contact information on the mobile phone’s address book, to more complex business tools which support integration with various enterprise solutions such as CRM or ECM. The possibilities for mobile solutions are endless.”

Moreover, because the ABBYY Mobile OCR SDK supports many popular mobile platforms, including Windows® Mobile, Symbian®, Linux®, Android and now iPhone, developers will benefit from using the same OCR technology to create high quality applications for a variety of platforms and devices. This minimizes the developers’ dilemma to use SDKs from different providers for different platforms.

ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine 3.0 was designed with the needs of mobile solution providers in mind, combining strong platform support with powerful technology innovations to optimize software performance and accuracy, while minimizing its footprint on hardware resources. The SDK provides powerful recognition capabilities including intelligent analysis algorithm to ensure accurate and fast OCR processing, advanced capabilities to reproduce the structure of original text and a range of image pre-processing features such as skew correction and image binarization.

ABBYY Mobile OCR SDK recognizes text in 58 languages including Latin, Cyrillic and Greek characters, enabling creation of multilingual solutions. In addition, integrated business card reader dictionaries for 16 languages and their business card formats are also available as part of the SDK.

ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine was recently awarded the Silver Mobile Star from MobileVillage® for the Best Enterprise Software: Data Capture/Collection.

Source: official site