Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Overview of task manager "Planner"

The thing I want to highlight for you today is quite unusual. It is a service, and it is a part of a paid service.
Thing to keep in mind though is you might already have the subscription of this service assigned to you by your school or employee, it is Office 365, quite a common stuff.
And the service is called Planner, and I was a bit surprised to discover it.

It is a task manager, simple to use, very visual, synced with mail and calendar. It allows you to assign tasks to your peers and track what is done.
Will be equally good for school project, private task manager and as an alternative to the paper notes. Given it is not a freeware but a part of a paid service – the quality is quite high.

If you are interested enough to spend 5 minutes on learning what the beast is – pls check the video below.

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