Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Good Password Manager you haven't heard about

Loud and clear: I used to hate password managers. Could not imagine I’d voluntarily buy one even before I’ve used the limit of free account - and advice you to use it with no interest whatsoever.

I used to think my memory works fine and paying someone to keep my sensitive data…no way, it’s not secure.

...It started with an advice repeated to me couple of times by my husband. With a lection on how password management technology works. For me it is still the matter of trust and the matter of reputation of software developer.

I would trust Norton, Agnitum, McAffee (though with caution), and I do trust Kaspersky. You might dislike Russian, but in IT being a Russian company has a huge benefit: Russia has the greatest coders. They are massively hired to Microsoft and Google HQs, brought abroad, booked since their university years.

So, I had a recommendation to keep in mind and a brand I trust.
The other thing happened quite instantly. It took me just 3 weeks to realize that I forget the passwords for my internet banks after 1 or 2 operations. So I have to go through painful reset process.
The moment it came to my mind – I’ve installed the free version, to keep nothing serious (credentials for internet-stores mainly) and to test the concept. Free version can store 15 passwords and one set of Identities and you can find it here

Covers as many laptops as I need, both PC and Mac, you can also get apps for iOS and Android. I never needed the mobile apps for that as I tend to make important transactions from laptop only either from home or work, or through my work VPN. Fishing is new plague.

Setting thing up needs some patience, but - and I will say that over and over again – good usability and good security are south and north poleYou can’t be on both simultaneously, so have some patience: you’ll need to set up My Kaspersky account, and a password to unlock your password vault.
They should be different. Account is needed to store your passwords' base in the cloud, and you’d need this password each time you want to use your password manager on new device.
Second password is to unlock the vault. It shall be a good password, and DO NOT FORGET IT as there is absolutely no way to reset it with or without the Support. If you forget it, you'll load the base but won't be able to decipher. 
The same goes if someone steals your computer and your base of passwords.

The functions I was able to test:
  1. Auto-filling login and password fields for stored accounts
  2. Detecting and saving new credentials
  3. Password generation. You can define strength and custom parameters.
  4. One-button manual copy and paste for password and login.
  5. PII storage
  6. Auto-removing copied passwords and PII from cache to exclude accidental insertion
  7. Add-ins for IE, FF, Chrome
  8. Password strength review – you can see whether the account has a strong password

I’ve purchased the paid version when I used 13 of 15 free accounts, so you would imagine how I liked the product. And here the fact that the software developer is Russian with their low labor cost is for your benefit again: the price for one year for the US is $14.99/year
I took some time to search and compare -  the closest equivalent by functionality worth $39/year.


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